Enjoy a delicious fish chicharrón! This Peruvian recipe is a real hit thanks to its simplicity. We will guide you step by step in the preparation of this traditional recipe.


-tilapia fillets -250 grams cornstarch or cornmeal -2 tsps garlic powder -2 eggs -½ tsp dried rosemary -Salt to taste -¼ tsps pepper -juice of one lemon -smooth-flavored olive oil


1. In a bowl, add the corn flour and mix with the rosemary, lemon juice, salt, garlic powder and pepper. Then, add the fish pieces to this mixture. Let stand for ten minutes.

  1. Prepare two plates, one with the two beaten eggs and the other with kitchen paper. Heat a frying pan with oil over medium-low heat. Dredge the flour battered fish in the beaten egg, making sure it is well coated. Then place the fish in the pan. Increase the heat to medium and cook the fish until golden brown. Once ready, place it on a plate lined with paper towels to rest.

It’s ready! You can serve it with lemon and a little bit of mayonnaise.

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