• Tuna tataki

    The tataki is a Japanese technique that consists of passing a product very little time through the fire, so that it is raw inside. [...]

    16 de November de 2023

  • Tuna with tomato and onion

    Today we propose a delicious recipe of tuna with tomato and onion. A quick and easy to prepare dish ideal for any occasion, take [...]

    16 de November de 2023

  • Escabeche of Alaska Pollock

    Discover how to prepare a delicious fish escabeche recipe with Alaska Pollock. It's an excellent choice for any occasion. It's a spectacular dish, a true [...]

    5 de October de 2023

  • Redfish fillet baked in the oven

    Baking is a culinary technique that we deeply appreciate. Its versatility allows us to bring out the flavors, on this occasion, we will dive into [...]

    5 de October de 2023

  • Battered Basa fillet

    In this recipe, white fish is dipped in a wonderful mixture of lemon, garlic and chili. The fish is then coated with a thin [...]

    5 de October de 2023

  • Basa fillet with vegetables

    We are about to show you how to create an exquisite fish fillet with vegetables in an easy and delicious way. In this recipe, [...]