Tilapia is an aquaculture product. Therefore, its price is supposed to be stable throughout the whole season… but it is not.

There are many factors that influence the price, both external (energy prices, transport, etc.) and related to the market (climate, production and, above all, demand).

During June-August, large operations in large markets (China, USA, Mexico…) are usually closed. This 2022 has not been an exception but, due to global circumstances, orders have been delayed a few weeks, moving the peak of purchases to July.

That is why, from September on, when the plants are in high demand, prices rise due to lack of raw material, and they usually stay that way until the return of the Chinese New Year (next 2023 the Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 22).

Similarly, delivery times are extended from September, since pending purchases are prioritized.

At Easyfish, we recommend closing purchases before the arrival of autumn, in order to buy in the best conditions.

Logically the market is subject to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances (as we have seen in recent years, unfortunately), but our experience and events lead us to draw these conclusions.

For this reason, we recommend closing purchases as soon as possible, to avoid price increases and longer deliveries at the end of the year.

Tilapia 300-500g Guandong, China

The graph clearly shows a drop in prices in summer and, on the dotted line, the estimate made by Undercurrent news for the remainder of the year.

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