• Sustainable Seafood

    In today's world, it is increasingly common to hear about the threats of global warming and pollution. As these issues directly impact our diets and [...]

    13 de June de 2023

  • The impact of inflation on the Mediterranean diet

    The Mediterranean diet is a healthy dietary pattern in which fish consumption is an important key element. In Spain, fish intake is the second highest [...]

    23 de May de 2023

  • Barcelona Seafood Expo 2023

    The expectations of the Barcelona Seafood Expo for this year were very high, and even so, they exceeded everything that any supplier, client or lover [...]

    15 de May de 2023

  • Mixed and combinable containers

    At EasyFish, we provide top-notch solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our unique offering includes the flexibility of mixed and combinable containers, allowing you to [...]

    26 de April de 2023

  • Renewal of ISO certification.

    For 13 years in a row, Easyfish has been an example of quality, competence, and responsibility. As a result, we’ve earnt, once again, the ISO [...]

    12 de April de 2023

  • Seafood Boston

    From the 12th to the 14th of March, an Easyfish delegation attended the Seafood Expo 2023 in Boston, USA. Like previous years, the fair brought [...]

    21 de March de 2023

  • Schedule for 2023

    After the pause for the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, the entire frozen fish productive chain is 100% active again. It is time to return [...]

    2 de March de 2023

  • Panga vs Tilapia, evolution of trends

    Panga and tilapia are two of the most consumed products by the public worldwide. There are some exceptions due to territory, gastronomic culture, or market [...]

    21 de February de 2023