For the last 20 years, at Easyfish we have always worked with international markets, never neglecting a potential client, no matter how far away they were.

Over the years, obviously, we have specialized more in some markets and sectors, but, with the desire to continue growing and improving, we have set ourselves new challenges.

With a combined population of almost 370 million inhabitants, the USA and Canada are, if not the first, one of the top markets worldwide in terms of frozen fish consumption. They are indisputable leaders of consumption of some species and products and in the first positions in many others.

It is a developed area with a very advanced and well-established distribution network, and upward consumer trends. They are professional clients, technical and very rigorous with the product and service. A type of client that we value very positively since we love to push ourselves to the maximum to live up to the most demanding clients.

For this reason, and with the desire to offer our services to potential North American clients, Easyfish has made an investment to promote and grow in the US and Canadian markets.

New domains, new dedicated and specific landing pages and a commercial project of web positioning, prospecting and search for contacts that has already begun to give the first results.

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