We are always thinking about what foods can be good for us to keep our body healthy and what are the best foods for sports. Nowadays, octopus is not usually included in a diet for athletes, but we are seeing more and more of it even in elite athletes due to its numerous advantages.

At EASYFISH we explain the main benefits of octopus for those who are starting out in the world of sport or who practise it frequently.

It is important to know that the octopus ingests a large amount of protein every day, more than 90% of its diet, as it has almost no glycogen reserves and gets its energy from the metabolism of amino acids.

The quantities of water, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in octopuses mean that you get a significant amount of energy and this means that you do not gain weight. It is an animal that should be present in a diet for sportsmen and women.

Apart from the large number of proteins that this great animal provides us with, it also has another function that few people know about: it is an anti-inflammatory food, rich in omega-3 fatty acids that prevent and help in the event of injury. Octopus forms part of our balanced diet and makes it an essential food for people’s health and especially for sportsmen and women. At EASYFISH we stand for a balanced and healthy diet, which is why we have octopus in our product catalogue. You can see more information at www.easyfish.net

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