For the first time after the Covid-19 pandemic, EASYFISH is back on the road: last month we visited Peru! This Latin American country is both the origin and the marketplace for some of our products; in other words, it is the homeland of both customers and fish producers.

During the first days, we stayed in the capital, Lima, where we visited retail-specialist buyers. As we often mention, EASYFISH values ​​the ability to provide high-quality raw material and customer service. For this reason, we wanted to make sure that the operations carried out so far have been satisfactory. We also talked about potential sales and new products, something that will make a difference in the future. The visits were therefore very profitable and allowed us to feel close to our clients once again.

The next part of the trip was aimed at meeting with our Gigas, Vieira, and Octopus partner producers. Seeing the origin of these products allows us to know first-hand the status of the catches, have a certain idea of ​​the price on the first line, review the productions and inspect some of the containers ready for shipment.

With all these goals in mind, we traveled to the south of the country. In Tacna we checked the quality of Manto and Rejos de Potón (Dosidicus gigas) raw material. These products are experiencing in recent months a certain regularity in terms of stock and prices. We also managed to observe the bad situation of the Octopus (Octopus mimus), whose catches are concerning because they are as irregular as scarce.

Afterward, we went to the north of the country, to Piura, where we visited the producers of Vieria-Media Concha. In this case, production has been quite erratic due to the ravages of certain storms and ports’ closure. In addition, an earthquake shook the area last August, something that has also negatively affected the catches. Moreover, for all these reasons, both the price and the demand are on the rise.

For EASYFISH visiting Peru has been very beneficial, and we missed it: before the pandemic we used to come to the Latin American country two to three times a year. We are therefore very happy to recover this tradition even if it is by complying with all the security regulations. Seeing our clients, visiting our partners and working with the fish from its origin, as we have always done, fills us with satisfaction.

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