If you have the Pangasius or Basa in your fish catalog, you should know the different types of trimmings that exist for fillets. The differences are easily identifiable at a glance and, as a marketer, you need to know them. They affect both the quality of the final product and your commercial margin, so it is important to have some knowledge about the different types.

As with most fish, two fillets are cut from each piece of Pangasius or Basa. This step is also the first stage of the processing plants in the elaboration of fillets. After removing the skin, the fillet is ready to be trimmed the way it is requested by our client.

There are three types:

  • Untrimmed.
  • Normal trimmed
  • Well trimmed

Untrimmed means that the fillet is mostly untouched –the entire piece is cut once the skin has been removed–. It is the cheapest type of trimming because it involves less labor and more performance compared to whole fish. At this point, the fillet continues with:

  • Fat-On
  • Belly-On
  • Red Meat-On

The next degree of trimming is Normal trimmed or Semi-trimmed, and involves starting to trim parts of the fillet. In this case, the red meat is removed from the fish, but the belly and the fat are left. According to the producer, Semi-trimmed can also be considered to keep the red-meat and instead remove the fat and/or the belly.

  • Red Meat-Off / Fat-On / Belly-On
  • Red Meat-On / Fat-On / Belly-Off
  • Red Meat-On / Fat-Off / Belly-Off

And finally, the Well trimmed. It is the most precise and detailed type of trimming, with which we achieve a higher quality product by resulting in a totally clean fillet. Here, the Pangasius or Basa processor removes all the previously mentioned parts: red meat, fat and belly.

  • Red Meat-Off / Fat-Off / Belly-Off

Now that you know the different trimmings, it is important to note that each one has a different price. The higher the degree of trimming, the higher the cost of production and, in addition, the lower the yield of the raw material.

For marketers of Pangasius or Basa fillets, this is essential: it will directly influence the commercial margins and the quality level of the final product.

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