Markets are becoming more demanding, and the difference between success and failure sometimes lies in small details that make the shopping experience more personalized. We are all buyers, and we must recognize that many times, the product enters through our eyes.

In addition, each market has its particularities, and what can be useful in one sector does not apply to others. For this reason, at Easyfish we offer a personalized product for each client and each market.

What does it mean to customize a product?

Learn what we offer below:


Each sector requires a different size. The same product can offer a wide variety of weights and sizes, and being able to adapt to what the end customer is looking for is key. The same carving can be considered exquisite in one market and rejected in another, due to culinary customs, tradition, or culture.


The cutting is not always the same, and that can make a difference. There are different levels of cut, which offer a product adapted to the level of demand of the market to which it is intended. A piece that will be fried, for example, does not require the same finish as a piece that is presented naturally on the plate. Likewise, the level of finish (viscera, bloodlines, edges) can vary greatly depending on the final product sought.


The same product can be presented in many formats. Individual vacuum packaging, without vacuum, closed bag, bulk in bags, bulk in boxes, individually labeled, etc.

We know the particularities of the labeling in each country, and we adapt to the requirements of each of our clients, thus offering an almost unlimited level of customization.


To optimize logistics, for the transport and storage of the product we offer made-to-measure boxes, also customizable.

All this is designed and managed so that our customers can have the product they need, with the specifications they need and the level of customization that helps them have a unique and perfect product.

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