In the fish industry there is a huge amount of data that is handled on a daily basis: price trends, fishing quotas, campaigns, tariffs, freight prices, weather predictions, currency exchanges, productions, supply-demand and much more! And this information is multiplied several times when you work in various origins all over the world. In addition, the import and export process and the seasonality of the sale of some products add even more files to store.

At EASYFISH we work with more than fifty species of fish and more than one hundred partners spread over eight of the main world fishing grounds. This is why to manage correctly all this information is vital to be able to make the right decisions.

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We collect all the necessary information through our partners, such as the Tilapia processors in China or the Pangasius plants in Vietnam. From here, we analyze and interpret the data to advise our clients on the best purchase. For example, the monsoon season affects Tilapia productions, so processors often have a shortage of raw material in the following months. You have to anticipate these setbacks to make the best decision and anticipate price fluctuations.

All this set of files creates a Big data that is continuously fed, and its analysis and interpretation is the daily work of the company; we constantly advise our clients on the status of a product at its origin.

At EASYFISH we seek operational efficiency to interpret our database, this is why we started a Transformation Plan towards Industry 4.0. We have the objective of developing adapted Business Intelligence that allows us to analyze, and, consequently, obtain valuable information. A connected industry allows us to improve competitiveness, responsiveness, flexibility and adaptation to an increasingly dynamic environment.

At EASYFISH we seek operational efficiency to interpret our database, this is why we started a Transformation Plan towards Industry 4.0.

Easy Fish Group

Our transformation project is based on the implementation of digital solutions using 4.0 technologies. The optimization of productivity, the agility of the response, the estimation of price trends, the flexibility and adaptation, the loyalty and the development of new products are some of our strengths.

This digitalization of the company also has a medium-term objective: we also want to optimize decision-making through a strategic tool, with real-time dashboards and indicators.

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