Last November, a branch of the Easyfish Central Office, led by its sales and control quality team, visited Vietnam.

During the mission, all plants with whom Easyfish has marketing agreements were visited, to strengthen relations and to carry out inspections and checks. Easyfish quality controls follow very high-quality standards, and that’s why these plants are regularly visited, to improve processes, update certifications and study possible improvements.

The trip was also for visiting new and potential plants, to keep offering the best products under the best conditions.

The global market for Pangasius (basa), the main product of Vietnam, keeps growing, as well as the need to have new plants, new agreements, and better conditions while maintaining the quality and professionalism standards of Easyfish.

The entire team that took part in the mission, both from the head office and the ones from Vietnam, enjoyed and appreciated the visit.

According to Joan Gimbernat, sales manager and CEO of the company,

“We need to visit plants regularly, to strengthen relationships, improve processes and keep maintain our high-quality standards. The results have been very positive, as we have renewed all certifications with current factories and concluded agreements with several new plants. At Easyfish we are committed to quality, and that is why we must follow our policy, accompanying the branches throughout the process, and updating trends, regulations and novelties.”

Finally, the visit was also to visit markets, distributors, and other facilities belonging to the sector.

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