Panga and tilapia are two of the most consumed products by the public worldwide. There are some exceptions due to territory, gastronomic culture, or market trends, but considering the global figures, they are the two most demanded products.

But they are two access products, ideal for daily consumption since they provide nutrients and protein at an affordable price. The demand figures are still far from those of meat proteins, such as chicken, but the trend points towards an increase in fish consumption regularly.

That is why the two species monopolize the global markets for fast-moving fillets.


Until now, tilapia was the undisputed leader, monopolizing a large part of the global market, and leaving pangasius in second place, far behind.

In recent years, however, the buying trend has allowed the pangasius to gain ground and has even surpassed the tilapia demand.

You can see it in the following graphic, which shows the consumption of pangasius and tilapia in the United States, the main world consumer of the two species:

Panga and tilapia

Because of the evolution of the figures, pangasius producers in Vietnam have increased their production forecasts to meet the growing demand.


Tilapia production has also increased, but to a lesser extent, and as a result of the increase in global demand, not the change in trend in the product.

In the last year, the price level of the two products has been stable, with a downward tendency, a factor that has led to an increase in demand.

For 2023, the demand figures are expected to keep rising. That is why we consider it important to work with foresight and great professionals, to study the best moments of purchase and obtain the best results.

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