On January 22nd, the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year was celebrated.

During these celebrations, both China and Vietnam are paralyzed and it is not until two weeks have passed that activity returns to certain normality.

On the way back, we find different factors that extend delivery times:

  • High absenteeism (need to hire new staff)
  • Accumulated orders
  • High levels of incidences and errors in productions

These factors, added to the increasing prices, make the weeks after the startup complex.

At Easyfish, we are aware of this issue since it happens every year and, for this reason, we accompany our clients so that the effects of the annual shutdown are minimized.

Good programming, knowledge of the availability of each one of the plants, presence on the ground, and a lot of information are the keys to ensuring that our clients are affected least possibly.

On the one hand, if we analyze the situation of 2023, China finds itself with the lowest growth rate in the last 70 years. A complex economy that, aggravated by the impact on the economy of the Covid-19 crisis, forces us to be alert to the industry’s evolution and, more specifically, that of frozen seafood.

On the other hand, the Chinese government has established measures to open the country abroad, revitalize inner professional activity, and unblock a supply chain that affected the entire world. Likewise, it is expected that the unblocking of the seaports will stabilize the port schedules, and this will entail maintenance of the conditions and the freight rates of the shipments, a fact that will allow working with some foresight and not with the uncertainty of the evolution of prices.

For all these reasons, at Easyfish, we have been working for weeks with all the data, opinions, and information we have, both origin and destination. Thus, we can create and transmit a strong commercial strategy so that our clients can position themselves in the best way when purchasing.

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