After the pause for the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year, the entire frozen fish productive chain is 100% active again. It is time to return to order delivery activity but, more important, to resume programming for 2023.

An average order from Asia usually takes about 100-120 days from confirmation to delivery. That includes everything, from the confirmation of the order, the design and printing of the packaging, the payment, the production, packaging, shipment, and transit until the delivery at the destination port.

One of Easyfish’s tasks is to provide this information to our clients. This way, they can program and plan their purchases according to their schedules and needs.

Schedule for 2023

Having clear and defined planning, and having it as soon as possible, places us in a more advantageous position since we can take advantage of purchase opportunities with better conditions for the benefit of our clients.

We believe the beginning of March to be a great time to plan the purchases for the coming months and thus avoid (or minimize) possible surprises.

Even though it may seem too soon to start planning everything for December, anticipation can be very useful.

We invite you to contact us and share your needs and concerns so that we can advise you and give you the best information.

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