With just a few days to go before the end of 2022, at Easyfish, we would like to share the balance of 2022 with our customers and contacts.

This year was a strange one. The previous ones had been very complex, with unusual circumstances, variations in purchasing flows (very distorted by external causes in the sector) and, especially, and energy crisis that led to a freight price.

On the one hand, the market has reacted cautiously, due to the uncertainty and the accumulation of certain product stocks by the major distributors.

The inflationary crisis, which has hit most countries, has had a direct impact on consumption. As a consequence, fish consumption has shifted towards an increase in demand of more affordable protein, such as chicken.

On the other hand, large buyers, especially from countries such as the United States, have decided to adjust their purchasing volumes, which is why we have had more availability for other markets.

Producer markets have reacted to all this with a downward of prices, reaching figures we hadn’t anticipated.

This trend, altogether with the downward adjustment of freight prices, has reactivated, especially during the second half of the year, the sales that had been falling since 2020.

Christmas and the Lent purchase schedules have been carried out without any problem of availability and with very competitive prices, which hadn’t been seen for some time.

At Easyfish, we have made a commercial effort to take advantage of this unprecedented product availability and have opened up new markets to offer our customers and potential customers a very competitive product.

Looking ahead to 2023, we foresee a much more stable year.

We expect product availability to be optimized once the Chinese New Year is over, and the gears of the buying cycle return to pre-pandemic levels.

With product availability and a more stabilized logistics environment due to lower freight rates, we must prepare for a start to 2023 that will undoubtedly lead us to continue to do our best to keep up with the needs.

As always, at Easyfish we are ready and prepared for the challenge of 2023, which we hope will be a good year for everyone.

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