At Easyfish we always insist that quality is our main product.

In any sector, but especially if we talk about food products, quality is not a negotiable factor, and we make sure that it is so.

Our customers demand the best product from us in the best conditions, and to achieve this goal, we need to be even more demanding than them.

Factories are far away, and although experience over the years has led us to work only with those producers we can trust, inspections continue to be a very useful tool to have first-hand information.

At Easyfish, we have a team of inspectors who work on-site in our production plants, performing quality and production controls according to our standards and protocols.

Easyfish Service-Sourcing

All productions are thoroughly inspected at the same facilities where they are produced since we leave nothing to chance.

In this article, we explained the details of these controls.

This last time we will accompany one of our inspectors throughout a day of quality controls to be able to show you in person each one of the steps of the protocol established to carry out the checks we deem relevant and necessary.

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