This year, the Seafood Global Expo was eagerly awaited. It was the first time it was being held in Barcelona, ​​and the first one organized after the pandemic.

You could feel the desire from the first day. A lot of public and exhibitors came to the fair. They were looking forward to meeting again with contacts after a difficult period.

It is true that the market situation is uncertain, with trends not seen until now, and that the global situation is not normalized or stable, but the sector needed to be able to meet, see each other and be able to share concerns.

We have spent three days seeing clients, potential customers, and colleagues, and we have been able to see in person the situation of the market, the clients, and the sector in general.

After a complex 2021, in which the previously known normality was affected by many circumstances, the trend is towards a progressive normalization. All Seafood market members want and need to stabilize the market, and at Easyfish we are working hard to contribute to it.

We continue collaborating with all our partners to guarantee the best service and the best product. We continue working closely with all our clients to be able to resume (or continue) the operations necessary to supply the market.

During these three days, we have been able to capture in-person the needs, which have been adapted to the new times, and the requirements demanded by a sector as sensitive as ours.

For this reason, the entire Easyfish team will keep on dedicating their time and efforts to improve, analyse and overcome the challenges that this year poses for us.

New times demand new challenges, but these new challenges are what motivate us to continue growing.

Finally, thank all of you who had a moment to come and visit us. It was a pleasure to share our time at Seafood with you.

Thank you very much to all and let’s go!

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