At EASYFISH we clearly know that one of the fundamental parts of our supply chain are the producers, the factories that operate at origin. This is why, wherever our partner is from, we only work with fish processors authorized to export to the European Union and approved by ourselves.

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Our quality standard goes through the validation of the suppliers, because without a good production we could not offer good stock. In fact, this homologation is one of the six EASYFISH excellence criteria. (The quality control at EASYFISH: Six steps to achieve the highest standards)

Our quality standard goes through the validation of the suppliers, because without a good production we could not offer good stock.

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And how does the recognition process work? Firstly, potential partners are chosen through different channels such as business trips to the origin –China, Vietnam, etc.– and participation to trade fairs, as well as by purchasing databases or through LinkedIn contacts.

Afterwards, we select the suppliers and contact them in order to fill out a document called “SQA”. Through this registry, general data is obtained and, at the same time, we evaluate different criteria such as:

  • HACCP plan
  • Certifications obtained (BRC, MSC, ASC, ISO, etc.)
  • Installations
  • Equipment
  • Productive capacity
  • Food Safety
  • Quality standards
  • Type of products

Once we have all the necessary information, we check it and, if a good rating has been obtained, we proceed to the on-site inspection. This is carried out directly from EASYFISH; we send an inspector to certify the results collected

In the case the producer also passes all the inspection protocols, it can be certified and accredited as a partner by our Quality Department. Therefore, we add it to our database, and it has the permission to supply us the products.

But, what if a potential partner scores low on the SQA? Then, we make a corrective recommendation, so they can improve their standards and, after a while, we return to verify the installations again. If the factory still does not meet the criteria, it is automatically removed from the EASYFISH list.

This protocol is cyclical and is done every year. It is important for us to be able to ensure that quality standards are maintained and that we can supply excellent products to all our customers.

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