These recent years situation has been exceptional. Never before had there been such significant increases in the sea freight’s prices.

During the pandemic and the following months, they soared in an absolutely unknown way (source:

What until then was a stable and a very regular price was increased by up to 800% (!)

Large shipping companies and the entire industry, in general, justified the increases due to the pandemic, the energy crisis and the costs arising from it.

Of course, this had a direct impact on product prices.

Considering that a 40-foot container usually loads about 24,000 Kg of product on average, the transportation price went from 0.10USD / Kg (aprox.) to an average of 0.6-0.7USD / Kg.

For products with a reduced price per kilo, these increases have meant an increase in cost, which leads them to a very delicate situation. Buyers have limited themselves to getting what is absolutely necessary while waiting for changes, and the end customer market has had to absorb all these increases in the final price (as has happened in so many sectors, and as can be seen in the CPI figures of almost all developed economies).

In recent weeks, there has been an adjustment in freight rates, resulting in the first significant drop in prices in a long time.

This is good news for the industry, and, although we fear that prices will not return to pre-pandemic figures, being able to have tighter freight rates will surely revive a market that was in a “standby” situation.

At Easyfish, we have a logistics team that works to offer the best possible conditions to our customers. We also try to take advantage of the best situations and the best times to ensure the supply of products without missing opportunities.

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