One more year to the list and it adds to 12. Easyfish has managed to renew, again, its ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Professionalism, order, control, and quality are essential in an increasingly demanding world. In this sense, the opportunity to renew our certification has, once again, helped us learn, improve and optimize our internal processes.

Adapting to new technologies, improving procedures, and establishing new measures and controls within our teams make us better every day. It allows us to provide a more professional and appropriate service to the needs of our customers.

We currently have ISO, IFS, ASC, and MSC certifications, as well as an internal quality protocol, which meets the most demanding requirements and certifications.

Working in a sector like ours implies a high-level exigency, which, to keep up, leads us to do our best. The food industry has very demanding quality protocols, and that’s how it should be. Our customers trust us, and they put their reputation in our hands, which is why being good is not enough; we must be better.

At Easyfish we believe that, while it is an important milestone, achieving the renewal of all certifications should just be a logical consequence of the constant improvement and the work that makes us grow.

We will keep moving forward.

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