As part of its international expansion strategy, last week an Easyfish delegation traveled to Mexico on a trade mission.

The Mexican market represents almost 33% of frozen tilapia exports worldwide, surpassed only by the USA. The same happens with other cultivated species. Considering that the annual per capita consumption of fish is well below that of other countries (12Kg per person per year, far from, for example, the Spanish market, with about 45kg per person per year), the growth potential is evident and real.

Easyfish representatives were able to meet with different players in the Mexican market, from large direct sales chains to distributors, importers, etc.

The visit allowed the team to visit the main players in the sector, to understand and capture first-hand the needs and particularities of a complex market, both in terms of its size and structure.

The objective of the mission was to reinforce existing commercial agreements, as well as to investigate, know the market in situ and establish new contacts with potential clients.

Joan Gimbernat, from Easyfish, together with Sofía Elguero, from the Delegation of the Generalitat in Mexico.
Joan Gimbernat, from Easyfish, together with Sofía Elguero, from the Delegation of the Generalitat in Mexico.

The visit included stops in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City.

A part of the Easyfish agenda in Mexico was managed by the Delegation of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Mexico, through its agency Prodeca.

Taking advantage of the presence of Easyfish, the agenda included a meeting at the Delegation itself to deepen the work carried out together and to continue advancing and growing in a market that Easyfish considers key to its project.

From Easyfish we want to thank the work carried out by the entire team of the Delegation of the Generalitat and especially Sofía Elguero.

Easyfish especially values ​​the added value of being able to work with Prodeca. Having trusted and professional people located in the country of destination allows you to plan agendas and get to know the market much more efficiently, optimizing the time spent on the trip.

Easyfish representatives with the Sukarne team, one of the company’s strategic partners in Mexico.

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