The expectations of the Barcelona Seafood Expo for this year were very high, and even so, they exceeded everything that any supplier, client or lover of Seafood could imagine. With an audience of more than 33,000 professionals from the sector, and more than 2,000 companies exhibiting, it surpassed the statistics of last year and of the rest of the Seafood fairs around the world.

We must congratulate the organization, because the fair was a success. You could feel the desire from the first day. A large influx of public and exhibitors, and the desire to see known professionals face to face or to be known, were evident during the three days of the event.

Seafood coincided with a time of great uncertainty, of trends not seen until now, since the global situation is not normalized or stable, but the sector needed to be able to meet, to be able to see each other and to be able to share concerns. It was the perfect opportunity to see first-hand what the situation of the market, customers and the sector in general is.

We want to thank all of you who came to see us, and also all of you who welcomed us at your stands. All the players in the Seafood market want and need to stabilize the market, and that is why at Easyfish we are going to continue working like never before to be able to contribute to it.

Now is the time to materialize the change, to provide the product to face the second half of the year, and to close the operations that allow us to complete a 2023 that points to some optimism.

We will continue collaborating with all our partners to be able to guarantee the best service and product, and we will continue working closely with all our clients to be able to further optimize operations that allow availability and continuity so that the different markets are supplied.

For this reason, the entire Easyfish team will continue to dedicate their time and efforts to improve, analyze and overcome the challenges that this second half of the year poses for us. New times demand new challenges, but these new challenges are what motivate us to continue growing.

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