Walking towards an EASYFISH 4.0

In the fishing industry we handle a large amount of data every day: prices, freights, catches, tariffs, glazing, currency exchange rates. And all of this can be multiplied by the origins and markets in which you import and export. The management of all this information is very important because it directly influences strategic decision-making, and, consequently, it will set the course of your company and indirectly that of your customers.

As we advanced in our last blog post on May, at EASYFISH we seek operational efficiency when interpreting our particular Big Data. That is why we started a transformation plan towards Industry 4.0 with the aim of developing Business Intelligence adapted to our own company. This allows us to analyze the data and transform it into knowledge in order to make the right decisions while advising our clients with valuable information.

The SmartAld start-up, created by students from Imperial College London and IQS Barcelona, ​​are the developers of the new “EASYFISH 4.0”. This new strategy has implemented digital solutions that improve our competitiveness.

  • The first tool developed allows us to know if we are buying the product under the best terms. From our purchase history, it determines the prices of the pure raw material at all times, extracting all the variables involved such as customer specifications, freight costs, glazing, etc.
  • It is from the information extracted that we are able to estimate a price trend for the following months. This way, we can make a very accurate purchase forecast and, at the same time, we advise our clients on the price fluctuation that is about to come.
  • Finally, another tool that has been adapted to EASYFISH is capable of determining the quality of a batch based on a sample of photos. This draws on the myriad of graphical tests from previous inspections and, through an algorithm, is able to identify for instance Tilapia fillets that are well based on color and trim.

In addition, the algorithms developed improve on their own as they are nurtured with more and more information.

In other words, the team has created ‘machine learning’, tools that can learn by themselves.

Easyfish Group

This transformation project towards Industry 4.0 in EASYFISH enhance decision-making, response agility, estimation of price trends, flexibility and adaptation to an increasingly dynamic environment as well as provides a general boost on our service. As an import company, we want to be more and more efficient, and this happens by incorporating digitization into the DNA of the company.

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