The impact of inflation on the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy dietary pattern in which fish consumption is an important key element. In Spain, fish intake is the second highest in Europe. 

Nevertheless, the rising inflation in Spain is affecting Spaniards habits, being more conscious of the spending and looking for cheaper alternatives, according to a recent article of OCU (Spanish Consumer Organization). The increasing cost of fresh seafood, in addition to the commercial campaign of the environmental impact of fishing practices has contributed to this trend. 

Despite the increase in seafood prices (and food in general), many Spanish families continue to prioritize the quality and nutritional value of the products, willing to pay more for healthy food. Although the latest dietary recommendations suggest that diets should be based on vegetables and whole grains, between one and three portions a week of fish are recommended according to AECON. 

In Easyfish, we always make sure that our products are sustainably sourced and free from preservatives and other additives to offer to our clients the best nutritional value in their dishes. 

Apart from being expert suppliers of frozen seafood, which becomes very suitable for these current trends, we also work with an extensive catalogue of ready to eat and ready to cook products, with high – quality ingredients and suitable for a great variety of recipes.

In this way, Easyfish answers to the needs of the market, which is more verified due to the certificates we own and earn every year for our high-quality products. We could say more about us, but we invite you to experience it and make your purchase orders to enjoy our amazing seafood variety!

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