Possible reopening of Dalian area production

At the beginning of November, all fish and shellfish producers in the Dalian area (China) saw how the government shut down their activity due to a Covid-19 outbreak.
This was a severe blow to the production of one of the largest filleting areas on the planet. Consequently, as we explained in our blog in December (see article), prices have been affected.
Since then, the worst forecasts have been confirmed, since not only have prices increased but as of today, there is no product available or expected to be soon.

Given the impossibility of unloading and processing products, the fleets that usually fished for the product in this area have either moved to other operational areas or have stayed ashore, which has led to an absolute lack of product. As a result, the fish production that used to be obtained from that area now is practically zero since the beginning of November.
In addition, at the end of February, the number of Omicron infections has increased and, although it has not been of the magnitude of early November’s outbreak, the operational area has been affected again.

In this context, the Omicron variant, with a propagation model superior to previous variants, is reaching other areas where fish and shellfish production plants are located, such as Ningbo or Shenzhen.

There is talk of possible measures’ relaxation after the Winter Olympics, but there is still no confirmation in this regard. In conclusion, we will have to wait to see how the number of infections and the measures progress.

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