Pangasius popularity

Pangasius popularity has risen significantly in the fish market this last year. As a consequence, it has attracted the attention of processors, retailers, and consumers who are actively seeking this affordable product in larger quantities. The production of Pangasius has seen a remarkable increase of nearly 200,000 tons in the past year to meet the global demand. While China has traditionally been the primary importer of Pangasius from Vietnam, there has been a rise in imports from the United States and Latin America. Pangasius has performed well in both the retail and food service sectors.

Despite the increased production, prices for competing fish products in the market remain high. This can be attributed to the demand for fuel and the necessity to adapt the cost of Pangasius production to address the ongoing living crisis.

At Easyfish, we take pride in developing purchase programs with our clients, ensuring they secure the best prices in the market for their purchases. We strategically leverage the optimal seasons for buying Pangasius, enabling our clients to take advantage of favorable pricing and mitigate costs during more expensive periods.

If you are in search of a reliable supplier offering Pangasius with exceptional quality and competitive prices throughout the year, we encourage you to contact us without hesitation.

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