Large production plants continue to have power supply problems

Since the past 2021, China has been immersed in an energy crisis that still lasts today.

Last fall, media around the world exposed a problem that affected the entire Chinese industry, as well as, to a lesser extent, individuals.

The main causes of this crisis are 3:

  • The shortage of coal for thermal power plants. The lack of coal has skyrocketed its price and supplying thermal power plants has become more complex and expensive.
  • Increased energy demand. A still-growing industrial sector and a growing production lead to an increased energy need. Chinese industrial production continues to rise by double-digit percentages.
  • The obligation of the authorities to lower the rates of polluting emissions. The global pressure on countries like China to adopt green and sustainable measures is increasing every day.

Therefore, the problem has persisted, and to date, the supply in the large producing areas has not returned to normal levels yet.

Fish processing plants are included in the list of those affected since they must adapt to the network cuts imposed by the government. For this reason, these industries have not been able to restore their production plans to 100% and this has led to an adjustment of prices and production.

To conclude, even though experts predict the end of the crisis soon, we must see how it evolves before forgetting a problem that has affected us more than we expected.Imatges:

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