Easyfish expands in Latin America

Although we are facing difficult times, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, at Easyfish we work hard to continue expanding our network of clients and collaborators.

During the past year, we have been able to move forward in the Latin American markets, starting new commercial relationships and laying the foundations for a return to normality.

Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico are some of the countries where we work, and the effort to meet the particular needs of each client has led us to operate with a wide variety of channels, from large fish and seafood distributors to the main supermarket chains.

A close relationship, a quality product and an excellent service are of vital importance to us in order not only to maintain but also to expand our network of clients in these countries.

That’s why this 2022 we hope to establish new agreements and strengthen the existing ones, to achieve the growth, we expect.

The entire Easyfish team will continue as it is today, working hard to understand and serve our customers.

Easyfish Group
发布于:7 de 3月 de 2022




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