Easyfish bets on technological innovation

Nowadays, due to the market’s uncertainty and some difficulties, caused by the complex economic climate, in Easyfish we believe that this is the time to take firm and forward steps.

Our sector is becoming more demanding, and our customers require more personal and dedicated attention. They are our reason to exist and giving them the best service is vital for our survival. That is why we have decided to invest in the implementation of a new customer and supplier management system (CRM).

For months now, we have been working on a project with the Vanguard team. The aim is to implement a tool called Salesforce in our offices so that we can manage the customer DB in a much more professional and personalized way. It is an important milestone for the company, and a risk we take without fear.

The project’s design has been long and complex, due to the particularities of our industry and products, but thanks to the professionalism of the entire Vanguard team, the results have begun to show.

Once the strategy is implemented, we are convinced that our day-to-day life will improve considerably. We will be able to optimize resources and, above all, look after our customers and potential clients in a much better way.

We want to thank Henar from Salesforce, as well as Pablo, Jesus, Daniel and the entire Vanguard team for their professionalism and patience.

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