A brand-new year brings old challenges

The year 2022 has already arrived and is full of new projects. After almost two years of the pandemic, we already have faced tough challenges through which we have reinvented ourselves. Nevertheless, the brand-new year brings old new obstacles.

The problem of the high prices of maritime freight continues, and everything indicates that they will remain just as high during, at least, the first half of the year. In May or June, however, they are expected to decline –probably gradually. Added to this, we will have to face widespread inflation. For example, shipments in recent months have already been dragging higher prices than usual.

In the case of China, apart from the price of the freight, there have also been forced power outages and general confinement of the Dalian area –the main fillet-producing city. All this has caused a shortage of certain products and, consequently, very high prices for those available, which now arrive at their destination ports. From here we will have to study how the market assumes this inflation in the frozen fish products.

In the case of Vietnam, we find a similar scenario since the confinement that the country suffered last summer caused a decrease in its productive capacity. In addition, we also have to deal with a shortage of small-size raw materials and a raising prices due to high demand.

With this analysis, we can conclude that during the first months of the year we will continue dragging the problems of 2021 without envisioning a near future that will soften the situation. Therefore, companies in the fishing sector must reinvent ourselves and adapt to an increasingly competitive environment and a more informed and demanding consumer.

At Easyfish we are committed to improving ourselves year after year and continuing with our quality requirements.

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