We are approaching the end of the first semester

Almost without realizing it, we are just over a month away from the end of the first semester.

It has been a strange first half of the year, especially due to the breakdown of the usual trends and the uncertainty of what may happen.

In the last edition of the Seafood, we observed and commented this with our colleagues. People are looking forward to normalcy, but doubts about what will happen are still hovering over the industry.

Prices have not behaved as they used to, and the global situation, with a war and the Covid-19 still around, has not guaranteed the stability needed to revive a market already affected.

The energy crisis and its serious consequences to the cost of transport have too much affected a sector that is very sensitive to change. Product’s final prices have risen (even more) by the uncontrolled increase in the cost of transport. For products with a lower cost per kilo, these increases have resulted on impossible prices.

All this, added to the increase in the price of products due to the pandemic has led us to a delicate situation, with much higher prices than usual at this time.

However, given the circumstances, we are optimistic.

Some products are starting to have similar rotations and demands in the pre-pandemic era.

These are the products that are in demand right now:

  • Tilapia fillet
  • Panga fillet
  • Atlantic Cod
  • Dosidicus Gigas
  • All wheels
  • Bare leg
  • Arrowtooth Flounder
  • Yellowfin Tun

Also other products, such as Surimi, Clam (white and brown), Squid Puntilla, Sepia and others are starting to move in the usual way.

At Easyfish, we make a positive balance of the first half, because by putting lots of effort, we have been able to continue accompanying our clients and offering them our advice, the best service, the best conditions and the best products in each moment.

Published On: 10 de May de 2022By

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