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In today’s world, it is increasingly common to hear about the threats of global warming and pollution. As these issues directly impact our diets and the dishes we consume, it becomes crucial for us to deepen our understanding of sustainable seafood practices. By doing so, we can take responsible actions to protect vulnerable ecosystems and ensure a sustainable future.

Global warming and pollution are significant threats in today’s world, directly impacting our diets and the need for sustainable seafood practices. Understanding and implementing sustainable seafood practices is crucial for protecting vulnerable ecosystems and ensuring a sustainable future.

Fisheries can be categorized into two main types: farmed and wild-caught. While there were concerns about aquaculture practices in the past, they have since been recognized as a viable and sustainable option, thanks to their controlled production methods.  Recent progress has been made in developing models and protocols to align aquaculture practices with rigorous environmental standards and sustainability goals.

When it comes to wild-caught fish, overfishing stands out as one of the major challenges faced by marine ecosystems. More than 50% of seafood comes from fish populations, supporting producers, consumers, and economies. Unfortunately, most fisheries are currently operating at or beyond their 

To address the critical issue of overfishing, several organizations, including the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), advocate for sustainable fishing practices. Adhering to MSC guidelines and catching only sustainable fish species helps fisheries actively work towards avoiding overfishing. These responsible practices ensure future generations can enjoy wild-caught fish while preserving the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.

At Easyfish, we are passionate about seafood and recognize the vital role of responsible fish sourcing in promoting sustainability. Our commitment is reflected in our partnerships with MSC and ASC-certified suppliers. We take pride in offering environmentally friendly products and invite you to contact us and collaborate in creating a sustainable future.

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