Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Easyfish’s team whises you…  

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2015


From 4 to 6 of November we are attending to China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2015 in Qingdao. Our booth number is 0303 in Hall W2. It’s the most visited seafood show in the world, you can’t miss it! Del 4 al 6 de noviembre nos podéis encontrar en “China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2015” […]

Feria Internacional de Productos Congelados – CONXEMAR Exhibition


We will be as visitors in Conxemar Exhibition which is hold in Vigo from 5th to 7th October. We are looking forward to meet you there!! You can’t miss it! Los días 5, 6 y 7 de Octubre de 2015 se celebra la Feria Internacional de Productos del Mar Congelados  de CONXEMAR en Vigo. Nosotros […]

El grupo chino Bright Food compra Miquel Alimentació


Sysco Ends Plans to Merge With US Foods


After a ruling by a federal judge last week the companies were widely expected to abandon the $3.5 billion merger, which federal regulators argued would stifle competition. “After reviewing our options, including whether to appeal the court’s decision, we have concluded that it’s in the best interests of all our stakeholders to move on,” Sysco […]

Meeting with Indonesia Minister


Last Monday, our CEO Joan Gimbernat and our financial director Natalia Mayol had an interesting meeting with the minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries from Indonesia, Mrs Susi Pudjiastuti.

Hainan Tilapia Prices Drop Owing to the Small Amount of Overseas Orders


Hainan tilapia prices drop owing to the small amount of overseas orders . #EasyFish #frozenfish #production #distribution #logistics #quality #service

Seafood Expo Brussels


Welcome to our  booth  7-1525 at Catalonia area, from 21th of April in Seafood Expo Global trade. We look forward to see you!!!

Our number of stand in Brussels.


From the 21th of april you can find us in the trade event of Seafood Expo Global. Our Stand Is located in the Hall #7-1525 You are all welcome at our stand. We hope to see you.!!

Soon We Will Be In Brussels!


This 21 of april we will be at the largest seafood trade event so stay tuned for more information!  Hoping too see you soon.

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